From Dr. Matalon

Hi everyone! Every year I am asked about a number of medications, if they are allowed to be used for Passover. If they are tasteless medications which are being used to treat or prevent a real illness, they do not need to be kosher for Passover. But if the medication has taste, or even if it’s a pill but it’s made to relieve discomfort or minor illness (e.g. heartburn, allergies, cough, cold, acid reflux, headache, insomnia, constipation, birth control, etc) it cannot have any Hames ingredients in the binder.
The following is a list compiled for 2022 of common medications that are okay for Passover this year (name brand only, not generic):

Advil (caplets, tablets, PM, infant drops, Jr strength).
Aleve tablets.
Allegra (12hr, 24hr, dissolve tabs, D tabs, children’s liquid).
Bayer Aspirin.
Benadryl (allergy ultra tabs, allergy plus congestion tabs, children’s chewable grape, children’s liquid cherry).
Claritin (tabs, D tabs, syrup, children’s chewable tabs, children’s syrup) *NOT Redi-tabs or Liqui-tabs.
Dramamine (original and children’s chewable).
Excedrin (extra strength caps, migraine caps, PM).
Imodium AD caplets.
Maxi Health Maxi stomach & acid.
Maxi Health Maxi Calm.
Metamucil powder (all flavors).
Motrin (caps, PM, children’s liquid berry, infants liquid dye-free Berry).
Northera caps.
Nortrell 7/7/7
Nylia 777
Pepcid (tabs and caps).
Pepto Bismol (caps and Original Liquid).
Prevacid (*NOT solu-tabs).
Prilosec OTC.
Propecia tabs.
Senokot (tabs, S tabs and XTRA tabs).
Sudafed (sinus tabs, head congestion & pain relief caps, children’s cough & cold liquid, and PE children’s).
Tri-Femynor tabs.
Tri-Mili tabs.
Tylenol (Reg strength tabs, Extra strength tabs & caps, PM extra strength caps, cold & flu severe liquid, cold max nighttime liquid, children’s liquid, infant’s suspension).
Xyzal allergy tabs.
Zantac 360 (original and Maximum Strength).
Zyrtec allergy (tabs, D tabs, Dissolve tabs, children’s liquid, children’s dissolve tab).

*This list is not comprehensive. If you have questions about a specific medication please feel free to contact me.

**All Kashrut info taken from Rabbi Blumenkratz 2022 Laws of Pesach