Halav Yisrael


I hope all is well. I am normally makpid on Halav Yisrael. Due to weight concerns, I would like to purchase a weight-gain drink known as Ensure Plus. It is ceritifed OU-D, and contains milk protein concentrate and non-fat milk, among other ingredients that I’m not sure are dairy (please see full list here: Ensure Plus Nutrition Chocolate Shake | 350 Nutritious Calories). I am not sure if the actual milk content is batel or not in the other ingredients. Would you be able to verify if this product is OK to consume if one keeps Halav Yisrael?

If it is not Halav Yisrael- what other halachic avenues can be used to permit it (hatarat nedarim, etc)-?

If you could provide any guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

There is milk in it, it is not in a proportion to be nullified, however it is subject to the discussion of powdered milk which has a leniency from Rav Tzvi Pesach Frank.